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About the Author

Mark Donovan is the author of the thriller novels “Nano Surveillance” and "Waterkill". He has also authored 32 eBooks and 2,000+ articles on a wide variety of home improvement topics through his website HomeAdditionPlus.com. Many of his articles are nationally syndicated. He currently resides in New Hampshire, where he has spent his career working in various high tech engineering and marketing positions. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, and holds a private pilot’s license, and seven U.S. patents associated with sensor and communication technologies.

  • 8793085: Circuits/Methods for Automatically adjusting a magnetic field sensor in accordance with a speed of rotation sensed by the magnetic field.
  • 8577634: Systems & Methods for Synchronizing Sensor Data
  • 8729890: Magnetic Angle & Rotation Speed Sensor with Continuous Modes of Operation based on Rotation Speed of Target Object
  • 9068859: Magnetic field sensors and related techniques provide a self-test by communicating selected analog or digital samples of a proximity signal
  • 9172565: Signaling between master and slave components using a shared communication node of the master component
  • 5654716 - Circuit for Short Duration, Multiple Look, Pulse Based Frequency Measurement.
  • 6122281 - Method & Apparatus for Transmitting LAN Data over a Synchronous WAN.
  • 1 additional Hall Sensor Patent Pending 
Other Invention Awards
  • Raytheon Patent App Award:  "Level-Mode, Hazard Free, Self-Clearing Divide by Three Circuit"

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