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Monday, November 18, 2013

Book review of "Nano Surveillance" - *****5 Stars ***** by Robin Lee


Author, Mark Donovan's debut full length novel is excellent..It's, about power, control, corrupt government and corporations..It's a slow building suspense, espionage, nano/tech thriller..This story goes way beyond our days of "Big Brother" is watching..Good character development and two story plot lines that seamlesly intertwine..What I especially liked was that each chapter heading had the date, coast and timeline, which as you continue reading along makes you start fearing a countdown to the chaotic, explosive ending...The novel was fascinating yet shocking at the same time..I read for entertainment value and there were no typos in my copy..

Even though this novel is fiction, it's very thought provoking..Nano-Technology is very real and being experimented with today..In our society we already have camera surveillance everywhere, wire tapping and the very controversial "Drones"..So, who really knows anymore what our society is becoming and who you can really trust...This is what this thriller will show you..

Private Corporation NSURV is 3 years ahead of even the military govenment with nano/tech...Creating new prototypes and nano-dust which could be used for good or very deadly if fell into the wrong hands..Everbody is after this covert group...In the mean time in Washington, the President announces the "Transportation Movement Act" which he is trying to get passed in Congress and sell it to the people of U.S....So, he can get cars off the road with destructive carbon emissions because he is concerned over "global warming"...But is it really about global warming or dark hidden secret, backroom deals meant for total control over the United States...Can Dave Henson, his covert group of scientists and operatives expose the truth in time.....

This is no longer the "American Dream", but living the "American Nightmare"......

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