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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mark Donovan Announces the Release of “Waterkill”

“Waterkill” Weaves Nanoscience and Cult Religious Terrorism into a Major Threat to Western Civilization

An Action Packed Cerebral Thriller that Spans Three Continents, “Waterkill” is the second book in the Dave Henson Series

Derry, New Hampshire - November 17, 2015 – Mark Donovan announced today the release of his second novel, “Waterkill”, a fast paced 300 page thriller.  

With the mysterious outbreak of a deadly disease in a Yemeni village, followed by an increase in terrorist chatter after the crash of a small airplane in eastern Alaska, CEO Dr. Dave Henson and colleague Ron Blackwell of NSurv Inc. are tapped by the Department of Homeland Security to locate the aircraft wreckage and its suspected deadly contents.

While Henson and Blackwell are in the eastern mountains of Alaska helping the U.S. Border Patrol locate the missing aircraft and its contents, Henson’s wife, internationally known journalist Dana Cogswell, goes missing while covering another sudden and suspicious epidemic in a small town in Germany.

Henson races from Alaska to Germany to rescue Dana and ends up on a quest to the Middle East to find her. Along the way he learns of a shocking betrayal of friendship and that the path to his wife ultimately leads to the terrorist leader behind the deadly outbreaks.

“As the world focuses its concerns on the threat of nuclear attacks from rogue nations and terrorist organizations, other types of technology provide just as real a danger to the public,” says author Mark Donovan. “Waterkill explores the field of Nanoscience and how it could be exploited to enable the synthetic creation of common diseases for conducting pandemic bioterrorism attacks.”

“Waterkill is a thriller that will keep you on the edge from the beginning until the end. Since I got emerged into this book from the first paragraphs, it gets 5 stars out of 5.” - Ionela Hamz

"Waterkill" can be purchased in paperback for $13.99 and eBook formats for $3.99 through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Review copies available to qualified reviewers and booksellers.

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About the Author:

Mark Donovan is the author of the thriller novel “Nano Surveillance”. He has also authored numerous eBooks and articles on a wide variety of home improvement topics through his website www.HomeAdditionPlus.com. Many of his articles are nationally syndicated. He currently resides in New Hampshire where he has spent his career working in various high tech engineering and marketing positions.  He holds degrees in electrical engineering and business, and is a private pilot. Visit his website at MarkJDonovan.com for new book release alerts. 

Contact Information:
Contact: Mark Donovan, (603)965-6791
Email: me_donovan@comcast.net

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