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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Waterkill Continues to Receive Excellent Reviews

After 34 reviews on Amazon, Waterkill has an excellent ranking of 4.6 stars. See Waterkill on Amazon here. In addition, all but one of the reviews have been very positive. For some reason one reviewer seemed to have an ax to grind with the book. But oh well, to each his/her own.

The reviews and rankings have also been similarly as good on Goodreads.com and Barnes and Noble, with 4.47 and 5.0 rankings on 19 votes and 4 votes, respectively. Below is a typical review.

Book Review (5 Stars): "This is a heart pounding thriller that you don’t want to miss," says Pretty Little Book Reviews. "Everything in this book is uThis book is a masterful combination of scifi,political thriller and action-adventure that creates a whole new genre. The story is well researched and has some terrific insights into the culture and motivations of some of the terrorists mindset. It also reveals how murky allegiances can be when dealing with these often highly personal motives. Excellent book." - Handydeb51 

Sales, however, have not been so robust. But at least they've been steady with some sales each day. Somehow I need to change the sales metric though. Very frustrating to have a plethora of excellent reviews, but limited sales. If anyone reading this blog post has any constructive advice, I'm all ears. 

For those of you who have been thinking about reading Waterkill, I urge you to give it a try. At $0.99 in Kindle and Nook eBook format you can't go wrong. Besides a fun read, you'll also find this technothriller enlightening. Waterkill tells a story of a very real threat to western civilization by middle eastern terrorists. More specifically the threat of religious cult terrorists introducing biological weapons of mass destruction to western cities and towns across Europe and the United States.

WATERKILL by Mark Donovan

Waterkill Book Summary: A Yemenis man tragically loses his wife and daughter, a small plane disappears into the Alaskan bush carrying a deadly secret, and thousands suddenly die in a small German town. American business magnate and high tech entrepreneur Dave Henson is tapped by the U.S. government to help solve the related mysteries, but quickly finds himself drawn in deeper and his timeline shortened when his wife suddenly goes missing.

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