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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nanotechnology Used in the Carrying of Drugs in the Human Body

By Mark J. Donovan

Much of the science around my latest book titled WATERKILL involves the use of nanotechnology. In particular, it centers around the use of nanobots, if you will, to deliver an engineered biological disease to infect people.  

The recent article in Phys.org titled “Meet the Nanomachines that could Drive a Medical Revolution” discuss in detail the use of nanomachines, or nano-vehicles, in the carrying of drugs throughout the human body. It explains, for example, the injection of drugs into nano-size magnetic shell structures that can then be inserted into the human body, and via external magnets be guided through the body to targeted areas. Once positioned into a particular area of the body, the magnetic shell structures can be heated to expand and rupture, such that they then release their drug contents into the targeted area of the body.

The article also goes on to explain that the same nanotechnology technique is also being evaluated for medical imaging. Again, by guiding the nanoparticles into certain tissue areas of the body, and then scanning the body with an MRI machine, the nanoparticles could help to better highlight medical problems such as diabetes.  

If interested in learning more about nanotechnology and want to enjoy an excellent thriller book, check out  my new book WATERKILL.

WATERKILL - a technothriller


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