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Thursday, December 3, 2015


People ask me why I wrote WATERKILL and NANO SURVEILLANCE. There are a number of reasons why. However, the main reason is, is that I believe the United States is under attack from within. More precisely, I believe that Washington DC, and in particular the White House, are at the epicenter of where the attack is originating from. And who are the perpetrators? Global politicians who care less about the USA, and more about a single global government, and their own specific powers that they can garner.

So in short, I wanted to educate the American public, and the world, on what threats and technology are available today, or could be so in a very short time, that put the USA and the world at high risk.

Nanoscience is one of the technologies, that though offers many incredible possible benefits to mankind, also offers major social concerns and risks to the public. For example, nanotechnology provides incredible surveillance and medical benefits, but if used in appropriately by the wrong people, could also be used to encroach upon individuals privacy and to spread biological epidemics.

Case in point, look at the now ubiquitous consumer drone. This meter in diameter toy is being used as a new voyeur tool by private citizens. Imagine when that drone is only the size of a fly, or smaller. If you can't imagine it, then simply do a Google search. They already exist, and they are getting smaller by the day. Thus why I wrote NANO SURVEILLANCE. Simply put, your government, and anybody else that wants to, can and will soon be observing your every move.

Its a similar story with nanotechnology used in medicine. Nanoscience is used today in medicine to precisely deliver medicines into the human body and for fighting cancer. Similarly, it could also be used as a vehicle for spreading massive pandemics. Thus why I wrote WATERKILL.

Below is a summary of what I have observed actually happening in the U.S. in the past seven years, and quite frankly, the impetus for writing both NANO SURVEILLANCE and WATERKILL.

Is anyone else out there realizing that we have a White House that has systematically been drilling holes in our defenses?

What does one expect when someone keeps drilling holes in a dam wall? You drill enough holes and eventually the water pressure behind it causes the dam wall to collapse, flooding the valley below. This is what we have been witnessing for the past 7 years in our country, but due to ignorance, arrogance, or political correctness very few seem to be able to see, hear, appreciate or say what this means. Well I'm saying it. In the past 7 years I have heard, seen, and observed the following:

1) A decimation in our armed forces, both in the size and management of it. Many top officers have been forced to resign or retire in the past several years, leaving a weakened Pentagon and military to protect us.

2) A military where our fighter jets flying only a handful of daily sorties over Syria and Iraq have to wait for approval from the White House to hit a known target, and only after they drop leaflets saying "please leave your vehicles first" so that we can bomb them.

3) A White House that is silent at best for standing up and supporting our nations police officers. Yes, there is the occasional bad one, but the vast majority are doing their job to protect us. I've never heard the White House say this.

4) US. border patrol and ICE told to stand down and let anyone and anything cross the border.

5) FBI, NSA and CIA staff reductions and prevention of them using various communication tools/methods to more quickly act to prevent terror attacks from happening.

6) The continued allowance to have safe cities to harbor known illegal aliens/criminals against federal laws.

7) A White House that is silent on the state legalization of drugs, even though they violate federal law. In NH alone, 290 deaths have been caused this year by drug overdoes of Opioid drugs. This was reported just yesterday in NH, and is expected to reach 360 by year end. Another 70 are expected to die in NH alone by the end of December, due mainly to a Heroin problem. And this issue is rampant all around the country. But silence. Silence from the White House and silence from our own Governor. Is it that we have a White House that is just hip on "recreational" and "medical" drug use, or could it be we have a White House with a more sinister motive. The zombification of as many millennials, and others, as possible. So they are in effect, anesthetized to what's happening  around them.

8) Constant race bating by the White House, where as a result, the country has turned back 50 years in race relations. Seven years ago, we were much closer to a single melting pot of people.

When putting all these pieces together, anyone with even just a few remaining active brain cells should be able to clearly see that we have a White House intent on destroying America, not "Changing America". And sadly, he's getting away with it. I pray for this country to survive one more year.

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