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Friday, December 18, 2015

You're Clothing May Someday Power Your Wearable Electronics

Using nanotechnology researchers at Case Western Reserve University have developed a way to enable clothing fabric to act as a battery for powering wearable electronics. More specifically, they have demonstrated the ability to weave flexible capacitors into clothing fabric. A capacitor is akin to a battery, but affords the ability to store and release energy much faster.

Their testing to date has shown that the nano-sized capacitors continue to hold up their storage potential even after 1,000 charge/discharge cycles and hundreds of 180 degree folds of the fabric.

When this technology is eventually combined with integrated nano-sized solar collection cells woven into the clothing fabric, I would expect that all of our wearables, external and internal, should be capable of being powered from our clothing.

See the full article on this new break-through in nanotechnology here.

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